The idea for Bookstore Cowboy was originally a story.  Years ago, I was trolling around Barnes and Noble on 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, California.  Just a short time before from quitting my job at Disney.  I was set on traveling around the country, doing stand-up and writing.  Completely excited by the prospect of being able to do whatever I wanted each day, I had this idea:   A writer gets fired from his ad writing job, and hangs out at an independent bookstore each day, using it as an office to write.  He falls in love.  Surrounded by books with the freedom to write, yet terrified and blocked most days, he’s obnoxious and annoys the customers.  He befriends a girl, an actress, who is also running away from her life.  They become friends.  It’s Both heaven and hell.

So I wrote a script about this guy and called it Bookstore Cowboy.  It’s one of my most beloved stories.  I worked on it for years.   I’ve always loved that title and as time went on, I thought… it’s a also good name for a virtual hangout.  So here it is.  My literary-artistic club house.  Hope you enjoy it.

J.G. Khalsa