Motivation For Writers – 4/3/2021


It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.  You must do it on the daily.  Get the words out without thought, fear or consideration.  Be mechanical.  Be a prostitute if you have to.  Just go to work.

“A successful book is not made of what is in it, but what is left out of it.”  –Mark Twain

“I didn’t pay a hell of a lot of attention to grammar, and when I write it is for the love of the word, the color, like tossing paint on a canvas, and using a lot of ear and having read a bit here and there, I generally come out ok, but technically I don’t know what’s happening, nor do I care.”  –Charles Bukowski

“Automatic writing is the practice of writing words in a trance-like state that originate from a place outside of conscious awareness. Psychologists and spiritualists have varying beliefs about the origin of automatic writing, with some arguing that it is sourced from the unconscious mind, and others claiming that it originates from supernatural forces such as spirit guides and angels.  My personal belief is that automatic writing is sourced from the unconscious mind which is a doorway into the Soul or Higher Self. This makes automatic writing a wonderful way to gain guidance!”  —

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